Vitiligo, Scars

$250- 1 hours session, 
$350- 2 hours session, 
$450- 3 hours session

(you will need 1-3 sessions)

Our service includes:
1. Consultation
2. Individual color matching
3. During the treatment I using sterile and hygienic consumables. Anesthetic if needed.
4. After care kit.
5. Full support during the healing process


Skin Camouflage is an extremely effective vitiligo treatment. Results are instantaneous and last up to 1-3 years without washing off. Skin camouflages the white patches of skin so they blend right in with your regular skin tone.

The procedure can be performed to the face, hands, or almost anywhere on the body. Up close, it looks like a professionally applied make-up concealer but it does not smudge or washes off. Tattoo Camouflage is the next best thing to a cure for vitiligo.


Skin Camouflage is a revolutionary technology used to camouflage and conceals scars. It works by gradually blending the color of the skin surrounding the scar to match — so is not noticeable.

Skin Camouflage treatment can be applied to conceal any scar, on the face or elsewhere on the body. It lasts up to 1-3 years on the skin. It looks like a professionally applied make-up concealer that will not wash off.