$520 Ombre SPM (includes touch up visit in 4-6 weeks)
$650 Combination Eyebrows SPM (Hairstrokes + Ombre)  (includes touch up visit in 4-6 weeks)

+$150 Cover-up of old Eyebrows Tattoo (blue, green, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow colours)

Existing customers only. If you are out of the 24 month period the prices will return to full price.

Payment options:

Eftpos, Bank Transfer, Cash, CREDIT CARD- fee 4.5%

Payment plans are available, please make a $100 deposit to confirm your spot, then 4 weekly payments of $105 (brows)
The treatment must be paid off in full at the day of procedure.

Please pay your treatment fee into the following bank account.
WPM by Dasha

*Please use your name and the date of the treatment as the reference*

Our service includes:

1. Consultation
2. Personal design. For the sketch, we use the visage rules and work with your unique facial features.
3. Individual colour matching
4. During the treatment I using sterile and hygienic consumables. Anaesthetic if needed.
5. Aftercare kit.
6. Full support during the healing process
7. The price included 2 appointments. In case if after two treatments we still didn’t achieve wanted result- complimentary 3rd touch-up.
8. Free or half price maintenance for 6 months after your appointment when you’re coming for another treatment

We can use: 

  1. mineral-based pigments – fade up to 12-15 months
  2.  organic-based pigments – fade up to 1-3 years

Healing Process, click here

Pre-care Instructionsclick here

Aftercareclick here

Contraindicationsclick here

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