$90 (per session), 200$ (3 sessions) – area (5cm X 5cm & Under)

$140 (per session), 300$ (3 sessions) – area (10cm X 10cm & Under)

my advice

ND-YAG (neodymium-doped Yttrium aluminium garnet).

This Laser is the best laser which helps to remove grey, black and dark blue inks. It also helps to remove the red, yellow, orange colors.

This laser contains potassium titanyl phosphate crystal. With the help of these crystal it double the frequency of laser light. It has a wave length of 1064 nm and capability to reach deeper layers of skin tissues,which other lasers can not done.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal gives Pain?

This is another question that will come to your mind does laser tattoo removal gives pain? Yes, Laser Tattoo Removal hurts. This is because of the impact of energy from the laser pulse.This feels that someone continuously hitting your skin with a rubber band. For reducing the pain of laser Dasha might applying a Numbing Cream 10 min before the procedure begins (this helps to reduce the pain of laser).  Removing the tattoo is more painful than getting a tattoo.

Cost Of Laser Tattoo Removal

The laser is most effective way to remove the Tattoo from body.The cost of laser tattoo removal is based on the size,color of tattoo,session of treatment etc. Cost starts from $100/ session to remove a small tattoo. Color also matter here if tattoo is in black then it is very easy to remove. If tattoo contains more colors then it will take more session treatment which can be more expensive in comparison to remove the black color tattoo. Tattoos with multiple colors are time taking treatments which cannot removed by one or two session it requires 6-8 weeks.
Prices of tattoos are not costly but removal of tattoo cost is very high.

Aftercare For Laser Tattoo Removal:

Aftercare is very essential to prevent from infection, side effect, skin texture change etc.

1: You have to take proper care of treated area.
2: You should covered the treated area with dressing for 2-3 days.
3: Protect the area from direct sunlight.Wear a sun block which can helpful.
4: Using of cosmetic should be avoid,because it can cause side effect.
5: Use of hot baths should be avoid.