What I use during the treatment

1) Pigments – NPM Color

Oxide/Organic-based minerals, which are hypoallergenic

2) Needles – NPM

NPM needles are made from the finest 316L ROSS stainless steel. This is the same material that is licensed for medical use and commonly found in stents.

3) Equipment – ORON, NPM

40% less discomfort! Thanks to a New Generation of equipment!


4) Anesthesia – Prepcoine and Sustaine

I use 2 steps anesthesia during the treatment.

Prepcoine is a pre-procedure numbing cream which contains Lidocaine and Tetracaine.

Sustaine is an after the skin is broken numbing solution that contains Lidocaine, Tetrcaine and 0.02 Epinephrine. Epinephrine helps to reduce swelling, bruising and bleeding.

5) Water for Injection

6) Surgical Soap (Chlorhexidine 4%). Maybe replaced if you have an allergy for Chlorhexidine.

7) Sterile Consumables: wet wipes, cotton pads, Q-tips…