Touch-up for a tattoo that`s been done by someone else

You had a cosmetic tattoo done by someone else and decided to do a touch-up session with me?
It’s alright, i`ll work over an old tattoo if the skin looks alright

The pictures below illustrate examples of when i won’t be able to do a touch up (deep blue colour or scarring)

If you d like to do a “touch up” in 4-8 weeks or “annaul touch up”, but your original first session was done by another tattooist it will be a full price treatment. The touch-up for existing customers is complimentary and takes 15-30 min. If you did a treatment with someone else it will be a full 2-2.5 hour treatment with a consultation/personalised measure & shape/tattooing/perfection session in 4-8weeks.

If you’d like to complete the treatment with another artist you probably  weren`t pleased with the original service (no colour, unwanted shade, no proper shape or obvious assymetry, unprofessional service).

Before your treatment I’ll explain what the avalible options are for you in a personalised consultation.

If the problem with the colour.
The colour is not strong enough, or it has faded or your brows are too deep (bright) pinkish/purplish/greenish/bluish shade then an additional fee is required (pics bellow):

To correct this type of mistake, extra work is nessary with colours to neutralize unwanted shade before applying selected main pigment.

If your SPM looks like on picture bellow,  I can help to remove it (and then we can do permanent makeup fix the situation permantly)

*if the problem is with the shape
before tattooing I’ll drow a few examples on the proposed area of treatment and you can choose the option you prefer.

I care deeply about client satisfation so it`s extremly  important to me personally how your skin and colour of SPM looks after my treatment in month/year.  I take full responsibility for my work and enjoy seeing happy faces post precedure.