My advice on how to get rid of Semi-Permanent Makeup

Are you not from Wellington? Are you suffering from badly performed permanent makeup and dreaming about how to remove it?
Would you like to get my advice on how to get rid of it, or what you should do next?

As a tattoo removal specialist, I often get questions about poorly performed permanent makeup, especially eyebrow semi-permanent makeup.
Here is the plan for you:
1) Contact your tattoo/cosmetic tattoo artist and tell them about your concerns (unwanted colour, scars etc.). Ask about the brand and colour of the ink which was used during the procedure. A different shade of brown should be used for each individual skin type. Ask if the artist can remove the tattoo or give a refund.
Note: there is a difference between a badly performed tattoo and your change of mind. If you’ve got what artist advertised and showed in their portfolio you have chosen that service. However if the result is absolutely different from what you’ve seen in the portfolio, or the colour isn’t brown, you may ask about free correction, tattoo removal or a refund.
2) How to help your skin to remove the ink,  naturally straight after the tattoo procedure. And when you can do Laser/Non-Laser Tattoo Removal, for healed tattoos

•  If your eyebrow tattoo is freshly done (1-4 days):
*Wipe them with Hydrogen Peroxide;
* Put a thick layer of the petroleum jelly (Vaseline, Lukas` Papaw ointment) each 2-3 hours to keep the brows wet, then clean them with soapy water/hydrogen peroxide and put a fresh layer of Vaseline. Do it for the next 6-7 days.
*Spend more time outside: the pigment fades when exposed to the sun (don’t use a sunscreen on the tattoo area);
* Swim in the pool every day for the next 2 weeks (chlorine is an aggressive chemical and it will affect your fresh tattoo);
* Visit the sauna, or spa with steam as soon as possible (the more you sweat the more pigment goes away and the more scabs peel naturally)
*Exercise a lot. When you exercise and sweat your metabolism boosts and your immune system naturally cleans itself.

Note: don’t peel off the scabs!! You may get scars and infect the wound! All the time keep the tattoo clean and hygienic.

• Your brows were done 10-30 days ago:
* Visit a swimming pool every day; do exercise; don’t avoid direct sun exposure;
* Use a scrub or deep chemical peel (ask your beauty therapist about it)

 • Your unwanted tattoo is more than 4 weeks old:
I recommend starting with the laser treatment (non-laser technic such as Rejuvi is used for a small area or if there is no results from the laser treatment. (Please note that I do not provide laser tattoo removal anymore). The Q-switch laser light breaks the ink in your skin and makes the ink go out through the lymphatic system during 1-2 months time. It may take 4-15 treatments to remove all the ink from the skin. The final result depends on the chemical compositions of ink, how deep the ink is in your skin, your skin type, metabolism and immunity system

Please note that the colour of your eyebrows will change after the laser treatment because of the colour inversion. For example, after the first treatment, it may turn from blue to red-brown or from red to grey and then become lighter after the following treatments. The timing between the laser treatments must be 1.5-2 months.

When the Rejuvi (non-laser tattoo removal) is done, a suspension is put into the skin with a needle. It will make the colour pigment go away from the skin with scabs. The scabs naturally peel off in 6-12 days. You may need 1-5 treatments and timing between the treatments must be 1.5-2 months.
More info about Rejuvi Tattoo Removal here: click here

Please note: Laser or Rejuvi Tattoo Removal can leave scars on your skin. It’s important to follow the aftercare procedure and don’t touch the scabs.

If you want to discuss your personal situation, please send me an email with the following information:

1) Pictures of your eyebrows. Please send a good quality, close up picture taken in daylight that shows how your tattoo looks (do not use any makeup, filters or photoshop). When taking the photo, please have the light in front of you, not behind. Use the main camera, not a selfie).
2) Tell me how old your permanent makeup is and how many treatments you did.
3) Where possible, send a link to your tattoo artist’s portfolio (it is important as it gives me an idea about the technique used on your skin).
4) If you know, send me info about the ink (brand of pigment) and the tattoo method (done manually (microblading) or with the machine).
5) Consultation fee is $20 (please attach your payment confirmation in the same email).
Payment details:
Consultation fee:  $20
Bank details: WPM by Dasha 06-0513-0816777-00 (please use your name as the reference)

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