Fordyce spots, Lips Semi-Permanent Makeup

Fordyce spots are small raised bumps that appear on the lips or other body parts. They can be pale red, yellow-white, or skin-coloured. They are also known as Fordyce granules and sebaceous prominence.

The Fordyce granules are enlarged oil glands. They are completely normal, harmless, and painless.
They aren’t painful, itchy, or infectious.

What cause Fordyce gland appearance?
– Age and hereditary factor
– Intensive work of the sebaceous glands, resulting in blockage of the ducts
– Smoking
– Hormonal changes
– Gland trauma
– menopause or puberty period
– lip fillers, increasing in size

Oil glands, called sebaceous glands, are usually associated with hair follicles. But Fordyce spots appear on your skin where no hair is attached. They usually develop as isolated or scattered bumps, but sometimes they cluster together (Look up at the photo)

If you have Fordyce spots on your lips and you’re unhappy about the way they look permanent makeup is one of the options to cover them up.

Don’t pick or squeeze Fordyce spots. This won’t make them go away, and it can cause infections to develop.